flies to 3 different countries in 3 mins

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People who drink milk gross me tf out

*headbutts this post and it shatters into a million pieces cuz it got weak ass bones*

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*Teenage girl walks into room* “mom, dad, I’m pregnant.”
“Hi, pregnant. I’m da-” *dad realizes that this is no joke*

Got so much money I could make it rain for days
Rhymes so tight yo making hella monetary gains
Weed so good it gives you fuckin chest pains
I would spend my money all on you
If you was still about it
Buy you ain’t so shits stayin in my pockets

Just read all of my hearts here on tumblr. Some of them made me happy, others..I need a cigarette.
Cigarette time fasho.

I'm just trying to figure out life.

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Ask away dude.